Artist Spy: James Bay

After receiving the highly acclaimed Brits Critics’ Choice Award in December, acoustic pop artist James Bay has already started to make a significant impact on the music scene within the early months of 2015 and his latest EP – Hold Back The River – is certain to be making an appearance in our iTunes libraries if it hasn’t already.

In terms of style, Bay’s mellow vocalisation is complemented by peaceful guitar melodies and can be likened to those of Springsteen whilst displaying a strong sense of internal desire. Perhaps this is the desire of a unrequited lover which is suggested in the track Hold Back The River where Bay expresses how he ‘tried to keep you close / but life got in between’.

However what makes Bay more interesting than the stereotypical infatuated man singing love songs with his guitar is his ability to add variation to his musical style. Sparks is a more passionate track within Bay’s repertoire and, carried by a dynamic drum rhythm,  a more intensive tone is created conveying powerful emotions of pain and anguish. These feelings are then contrasted by slightly more euphoric strummed guitar chords allowing Bay to truly capture the confusion created by love.

Whether you are looking for a post break up anthem or simply just a good song for relaxation, James Bay is most definitely an artist worth listening to with his debut album Chaos In The Calm due for release on March 23rd.


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