Song of The Week: Different Angle / The Cribs

The Cribs, a three piece indie rock band from Yorkshire, have acquired a relatively large fanbase since the release of their debut self titled album in 2004 and their latest single Different Angle is guaranteed to increase it further.

Immediately, the track begins with the poignant guitar riff which continues throughout to provide a  contrast between the slightly more buoyant melodies with the angst expressed in the lyrics. A key motif within the song is the desire to be looked at ‘from a different angle’ so the yearning vocals of Jarman, expressing how he perhaps wants his lover to view him a different way, help to express the pain and emotion within the message of trying to change for love.

Musically the track is extremely engaging with an insistent drum rhythm carrying the passion and ache of the guitar and vocal melodies whilst drawing major similarities to the work of artists like The Libertines. What’s more, within listening to the track several times, you seem to find yourself belting out the lyrics of the chorus which are extremely memorable – a feature that is essential to creating an esteemed piece of music.

Released on March 10th, Different Angle has received over ten thousand plays in just under a week and is certain to have a large amount more as this memorable track of anguish and passion manages to touch on something within all of us making it our Song of The Week.

Rating: 8/10


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