Song of The Week: Let It Happen / Tame Impala

Following the announcement of a new album due this year, Tame Impala and their psychedelic sound have returned with the release of the free download Let It Happen.

Straight away we hear the familiar synth melody, characteristic of the band, before the falsetto vocals of Parker are introduced in a deadpan manner over the gradually thickening texture of relaxed drum rhythms with multitude of kaleidoscopic synths. Halfway through the track there is a sudden sense of torment when the melody begins to repeatedly stutter leaving you wondering as to whether your sound-system is broken. However this is a technique used by the band to build upon the already immense sounds before then subduing and returning to the reoccurring riff.

The tracks lasts for an epic seven and a half minutes and, although it may become slightly repetitive at times, this lends itself perfectly to the genre of psychedelia by allowing the band to explore different sounds and almost ‘trippy’ effects within the music.As the listener you sense the amount of creation and time spent perfecting the spacious ambiance through the use of vocal manipulation, sweeping filters and distortion.

Let It Happen has proven to be a significant release marking the bands return by receiving almost 400,000 views in a week however the certainty as to whether it will appear on the new album is unknown. Nonetheless, with a more relaxed tone and similarities to many of their other successful songs such Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and Apocalypse Dreams, Tame Impala are sure to make a big impact in the coming months and making Let It Happen song of the week.


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