Track Review: St Jude / Florence and The Machine

St Jude is the second release from Florence and The Machine’s third album How Big How Blue How Beautiful and, following the release of What Kind of Man, the track has already helped to show the differences of tone and emotion that are expected to be portrayed throughout this new work.

Unlike the mighty melodies and emphatic guitar riffs of What Kind of Man, Welch and her band have provided a track of pure tranquility with the harmonious vocals and orchestral instrumentation flowing to create an almost meditative atmosphere. The track retains it’s steady pace throughout without much variation in musicality and, although this may cause some to disengage, the stripped back feeling is ideal for relaxation allowing the listener to connect with purely their thoughts and the music.

Accompanied by an equally as pensive music video, St Jude is instantly available upon pre-ordering How Big How Blue How Beautiful and shows the bands ability to adapt their usually enormous sound to provide a new insight into their thoughts and ideas – something which we hope to see across the album.


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