Artist Spy: Fat White Family

Deranged idiocy, unintelligible intelligent, a diseased and corrupted exterior is what sums up the London band Fat White Family. The six piece, who to many seem like the sort to live in a south London squat, instead live above a pub, gracing the place most nights and being perfect for the continuation of their inebriated state. Touring over the last 2 years with their 2013 release Champagne Holocaust, the many rumours of worryingly insane shows they have performed in various boozers across the country are all true. To add to this, lead singer Lias Saoudi ends most shows with his hand down the front of his trousers and once performed whilst casually rubbing butter over his naked self. They’ve ridden donkeys into gigs and impaled a pig’s head before throwing it into the crowd – actions which have certainly helped to create their eccentric image.

The provocation in their music and, ostensibly, the complete disregard of any political correctness sets them aside from any other artist at the moment. The band are reminiscent of the anarchy in the 70’s and the utilisation of music for rebellion which seldom exists in today’s music. They are arguably a welcome refuge to the sterile and innocuous music industry said to be existent since Oasis in the 90’s. Their lyrics, which are communist obsessive and seedy at times, are a way of the Fat Whites making it clear they are definitely aware of how fucked the world is asking ‘is it raining in your mouth’. Recently, the band made Metro news with a banner they manifested in response to Margret Thatcher’s death reading ‘The Witch is dead’.

Undoubtedly, they don’t adhere to the conformity of other ‘indie’ artists including Jake Bugg and Arctic Monkeys and instead can be seen to be more entertaining and funny. An example being in the video for ‘Touch The Leather’ which features a perpetually and horizontally moving naked arse for no accountable reason. In response to this one viewer commented “I discover something new everyday. This time I discover strange asshole. What’s in the background. lmaoflmaoflmaof. my face hurt. I’m dieing. lol” truly showing the variety of responses the band provoke.

Perhaps some of the things they do and write about is fucked up in itself but it only highlights the state the world is in and seeing them perform live can be a slightly weird and twisted politics lesson. With lots of hype surrounding the band, the debate shall continue as to whether they are revolutionary or just simply revolting.

Words by Daisy Lester


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