Live Review: Peace / The Haunt Brighton

Last night Peace brought their 3 month tour to an end in Brighton; the show being the last of a three day residency at The Haunt. Arriving at the venue around an hour before the doors opened, you can see proof of the dedication of their fans with groups dotted around on the chewing gum addled floor in Brighton’s frost and windiness. The crowd only increases and by the time the door opens a queue has manifested itself round the corner of the venue.Our Girl, the support act comes on to a cheer from the seemingly prematurely debauched crowd. By the end of their set, the audience are fully invested in them with people in the front row chatting to the group post set asking about the band.

Then the lights dim and Peace come on, paired with screaming from the crowd. The gig opens with Follow Baby, before going into Lovesick. By which time it already feels like a party more than a gig, with everyone dancing and moshing. Multiple bruises being a short term reminder of this. The setlist mixes both their old tracks, from their debut album In Love and from the new Happy People, even the ten minute journey of ‘1998’ from their Delicious EP is included. Harrison Koisser, lead singer, sports flared jeans and white Dr Martens which adds to his cock hipped rockstar persona. The other members, Dominic Boyce, Samuel Koisser and Doug Castle adorn denim jackets.Harry, an indie dream, ruffles his hair and mumbles something about hotels in Brighton, something which no one quite manages to understand, after saying how they can’t believe they’ve been touring for three months.

It is safe to say, Peace fans are dedicated. One guy crowd surfs four times so he can get on stage with the band. Another, during the closing song World Pleasure, goes on stage and sings the rest of the song with Harry and Doug playing guitar either side of him; all his wet dreams accomplished. Its during the last four minutes of the gig when things really get mad as the crowd goes mental, jumping on stage and standing on the speakers, others with arms round the band members as they amusingly continue playing. At least a quarter of the crowd seems to be on stage by the end, so many that the tour manager ends up throwing people back into the audience. The gig ends with the band shaking hands and hugging all those who had stage invaded before being ushered backstage. It was definitely a mad end to the tour and an amazing gig in general.

Words by Daisy Lester


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