Song of The Week: Favourite Son / Drenge

Aggressive, bold and audacious are only three words which help to summarise the latest release of post-grunge two piece (turned trio) Drenge’s Favourite Son taken from the new album Undertow due for release on April 6th. Full of fast and dynamic drum patterns and accompanied by the malevolent vocals of Loveless, we’ve seen the band adopt a more ominous tone in comparison to their self titled release back in 2013.

Panning from left to right as the song begins is an intense drum rhythm and, shortly after, the addition of the tenaciously dooming guitar riff introduces the song as an anthem of terror and despair. Loveless’ vocals are also more rough and rasping than in the previous releases, Never Awake and We Can Do What We Want,  with the occasional use of a near to growling tone instilling a sense of fear. His passion in this delivery however does reflect the angry and fiery messages of wanting ‘to be touched by your favourite son’ and ‘don’t wanna be fucked just wanna be his’. With Eoin and Rory being brothers, there’s almost a sense of irony in these lyrics created by the idea of actually having a ‘favourite son’ – a status they probably both want to achieve. Around halfway through, the song takes a change of direction by appearing to slow down whilst the instruments start sounding distant and faded before then returning back to the anarchic pace.

Drenge have decided to promote their new releases with a gig at Rough Trade East on April 8th to start their UK tour. Getting battered and bruised as a result of these gigs is a well known fact and, if the rest of Undertow is similar to this track, then the brutal and uncontrollable moshing is going to remain a certainty. The combination of aggression with sinister musicality has seen the band add another element to their tone and making Favourite Son our song of the week.

Words by William Castile


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