Artist Spy: The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang, a Brighton based indie rock fourpiece, describe themselves as making ‘music for the mind / body / spirit / soul’ and they definitely manage to encapsulate all these elements. Their latest track  Alright is the B-side to the No Fun single and was released yesterday and now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Brighton is proving to be a buzzing hive of new music lately with the scene there rapidly growing and churning out artists from the likes of Black Honey to James Bay. The large amount of contemporary clubs and bars are giving artists a platform to perform and share their music with a diverse audience ranging from the alternative rockers and modern day hipsters to the bohemian chic herbal tea drinkers. This has been perfect for The Magic Gang whose desirable ‘off street’ and ‘indie’ image, which mostly includes the donning of an over-sized paisley shirt or baggy jumper, is iconic of their image and fits with the scene perfectly.

Recently featured on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, their music has the gloomy and melancholy feeling similar to that of The Smiths which is reflected in lots of their lyrics. Shallow repeatedly hears lead singer, Jack Kaye, singing about being all ‘so shallow’ and saying how ‘party drugs don’t do anything’ in Alright. Musically, this moodiness and anguish that the band aim to portray is also heard in the oscillating guitar riffs which have an almost minor feeling and bring a resounding sense of depth, ache and pang to their songs.

With a series of shows supporting Wolf Alice and several headline shows in April, the band have the perfect opportunity to put their music out to audiences of fans with similar taste – something sure to rapidly expand their fanbase. The Magic Gang are a modern day embodiment of the 80s indie rock movement, with similarities in tone to Joy Division, however they are also perfectly triangulated by more modern artists such as Jaws and The Wytches. With the band ever attracting more attention, we can certainly be expecting to hear a lot more from The Magic Gang in the near future.

Words by William Castile


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