Live Review: FEMME / Green Door Store

Speaking to FEMME last night after her gig at the Green Door Store she hoped that we would ‘write all good things’ and, with an abundance of energy, glitter, and audacious dancing, good things seem to be all we can say. FEMME’s music is triangulated in an electro-pop hotspot drawing similarities to artists like Charli XCX and MØ with catchy melodies that make you dance – something which especially applied to the woman in the front row who seemed to know every move to the routines. As a venue, the Green Door Store was a perfect place to host the gig with the stage only being a matter of meters away from those at the back of the relatively large crowd creating an incredibly intimate feeling between both the audience and FEMME.

Whilst sitting in the side booth waiting for the gig to start, we hear the support act Annaca talking about trips to LA and Hollywood with the sound crew before going on stage to play their debut performance as a duo. After overcoming some technical issues the performance really came to life with the powerful vocals encapsulating the crowd, which suddenly seemed to double in size, and leaving them fully engaged by the end of their set. There was then a brief break allowing people to refill their drinks at the bar before the main event. The chatter begins to die down as the DJ comes on stage and begins playing the intro to Double Trouble and, accompanied by her Bullet Girls, FEMME arrives performing an elaborate and considerably out there dance routine in a glittery black leotard crowned with a large purple jewel and gold chain. After this the crowd, again seeming bigger than before, greets FEMME and her team with an uproar of applause and cheering. The setlist combined both already released singles such as Fever Boy and High, with new songs including S.O.S which is due for release on May 4th through ZTT.

It’s easy to say that FEMME managed to create one of the most entertaining performances and, with her cover of Aretha Franklin’s Respect, the crowd all get involved by either singing, dancing or casually swaying in a wash of bright pink lighting. The set concludes with S.O.S which sees FEMME and her Bullet Girls give everything they’ve got in all out performance before heading to the makeshift backstage of a curtain hung along two poles and then returning to perform an encore of Locolovva.

It’s clear that the crowd which spanned a variety of age groups loved the gig and we spoke to FEMME aka Laura Bettinson herself who said ‘I really enjoyed playing Brighton last night! It’s always a nice surprise to see faces in the crowd singing the words I felt a lot of love in the room and I can’t wait to come back and play for you again.’ Judging by the way everyone responded to the gig, I’m sure that Brighton can’t wait either,



Words by William Castile


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