Live Review: Superfood / Heaven

Last night outside a club below Charing Cross Station, crowds of people were queuing to see Superfood play their highly anticipated show at Heaven following their gig in hometown Birmingham. As soon as people arrived it was easy to see the extent to which people love the band with three guys wearing t-shirts spelling ‘SUP-ERF-OOD’ across their chests and others starting small choruses along the queue. Some fans were so excited that a fight even broke out with Yak’s lead singer Oli later saying he hoped, whoever the people were, that they were alright – if they managed to get in.

As people arrive, the venue becomes more and more full with the extremely excited crowd trying to get the best view possible which results in the occasional premature mosh. There’s people running on and off stage trying to prepare the amps and instruments for the first of the two support bands, Black Honey. The Brighton based band suddenly come onstage to the raucous cheers and screams of the crowd  before then progressing with their set which included tracks like Madonna and Spinning Wheel. Confirming that the rest of night was going to consist of rowdy moshing, frantic jumping and casual headbanging, the band performed their tracks with extreme passion with lead singer Izzy throwing a beer bottle, kicking a flamingo and leaning out into the crowd whispering ‘love me’. The crowd truly invested in this and the music which created the perfect atmosphere for second support act, psychedelic rock three-piece Yak, who managed to make the crowd wild enough to subsequently cause a large number of people on right side of the room to fall over during Hungry Heart. 

After a brief break which allowed people to recover and assess their injuries, the lights suddenly dim and and a series of hallucinogenic images and shapes whiz around a screen before four silhouettes walk on stage doubled by the cheering of the crowd. The lights come up and the screaming gets louder as the faces of Dom, Emily, Ryan and Carl become visible whilst the intro of You Can Believe rings through the venue. From then on the crowd, now very sweaty, looses all inhibitions singing at the top of their voices to the setlist which combines tracks from the debut album Don’t Say That with those from the MAM EP like Bubbles. One of the favourites seemed to be TV which saw everyone reciting the lyrics and trying to jump in whatever space they could find, however this mainly involved crashing into other people. It’s clear that the band were enjoying the gig as much as the crowd with Emily, who dons a one piece velvet jumpsuit, deciding to join them via crowdsurfing and it looked like she would have made it all the way to the back if security hadn’t swiftly pulled her in using the lead of her bass guitar.

The band then retreat backstage before returning to perform an encore of Lily For Your Pad To Rest On and then, appropriately, Superfood. High pitched echoing of the recognisable ‘Superfood’ lyric seems to be all anyone can hear with Dom almost being drowned out by it’s loudness. The song finishes and the band walk off saying how they ‘cant thank anyone enough’ for being there and supporting them with certainly nothing less being expected of Superfood fans who are enthusiastic and dedicated thereupon making the gig as good as it was. Lively, energetic and powerful, the gig was certainly one to be at and the same is probably to be expected for the future.



Black Honey:

Words by William Castile


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