Track Review: Beginning To Fade / Django Django

Taken from the new album Born Under Saturn, psychedelic rock band Django Django’s latest release Beginning To Fade sees the band premiering a new sound and stepping back from electronica. With a more acoustic rock feeling, the track was released specially for Record Store Day and draws in slight elements of folk rock combined with their hallucinogenic sound to create a spaced-out utopian masterpiece.

Swapping synths for guitars and special effects for harmonies, the track still maintains the basis of the Django’s psychedelic nature however this is instead achieved through the continual and illusory vocal interactions with sounds of dreamy guitars echoing somewhere in both the distance and forefront of the mix. If you are to listen to Beggining To Fade whilst watching the music video then you’re certain to be taken on some sort of journey. Images of flowers oceans and various landscapes all flicker around the screen whilst being masked by a bright magenta filter which totally adds to the effect the band want to create. After all their music is more than the simply one dimensional songs we seem to be hearing so often. They’ve created a track with a deep sense of mood and atmossphere and, depending upon how you view it, people will engage with it in a matter of different ways. Personally I see it as a form of escapism and, perhaps by experimenting with different tones and styles, the Django’s might have viewed it like this too – a chance to develop and evolve.

Born Under Saturn will be released internationally on May 4th and, if the other tracks are similar to what we’ve already heard from the album then we can be expecting a very eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic psychedelia.

Words by William Castile


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