Artist Spy: Blossoms

With light psychedelic melodies similar to those of Temples, Manchester five piece Blossoms seem to be one of the most unique bands emerging onto the music scene at the moment. Their fusion of hallucinogenic sounds with the edge of buzzing guitars and lead singer Tom Ogden’s vocals gives the band an almost exotic and unprecedented sound that lies somewhere between psychedelia and indie rock.

The band’s latest release Cut Me And I’ll Bleed hears this sound develop across the two track EP which also includes a performance of The Urge recorded live at Parr St. A balance of spaced out sounding electrics with the more intimate acoustic instruments is something else the band manage to achieve especially in tracks like Winter Kiss where the use of this and fading effects enable you to take a step back from the more resounding ones. It seems as if Blossoms have all the essentials from great music to the dream image with fur coats, turtleneck jumpers, long ruffled hair and an absence of smiling being signature of the five piece.

Blossoms are currently on their headline UK tour whilst also performing as support for artists like The Charlatans and Gaz Coombes leading into various festivals lined up for the summer. Their innovative new sound has unquestionably attracted a lot of media attention with NME explaining how the band ‘offer a lighter take on psychedelia, one that’s steeped in classic British pop songwriting’ and this is certainly true with their music offering a new breadth to the Manchester music scene and that of the wider UK,

Words by William Castile 


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