Song of The Week: To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here / The Parrots

Spain is fast becoming one of the leaders in terms of churning out fresh and exciting new bands with the most recognisable probably being Hinds. As well as the all female four piece, their male counterpart The Parrots represent this new breed of Mediterranean artist and are bringing their exotic sounds across Europe and to the UK with their latest track To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here.

The deep and resounding guitar riffs ring through your speakers filling almost every corner of the room whilst emotionally mourning about how everything good will eventually disappear with the vocals not being too dissimilar to those of alt-J. One of the key messages in the track is that ‘we have a ride to have fun’ so ‘take it now while you can’ which really shows the band’s awareness about the harsh realities of life. It could also be reflecting on how they’ve been lucky enough to get this opportunity so are going to make use of every moment they can. When interviewed about the track by DIY magazine who are premiering the track today, the band said that ‘People tend to take life for granted and don’t think too much on how they’ll be happy doing their own thing. The song is about rejecting the preconceptions we have and embracing the life you want for yourself.’ which truly emphasises their authenticity as a group and in their music.

The Parrots’ new EP Weed For The Parrots will be released this June following a series of tour dates across Europe and the UK. If they are to take the same route as Hinds, it is certain that we will be hearing a lot more from the band over here as they continue to break continental boundaries with their music.

Words by William Castile


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