Track Review: Delilah / Florence and The Machine

It’s getting ever closer to the day where Florence and The Machine release their highly anticipated third album How Big How Blue How Beautiful and, having already heard the enormous tracks of What Kind of Man, Ship To Wreck and the more tender St Jude, we can definitely be expecting a more than epic album. Debuting on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show last night, the latest to this edition is Delilah, an aria of powerfully captivating vocals and dramatic orchestration.

Starting off with just some simple piano chords and Welch’s majestic vocals resonating over a light whooshing effect, both the emotion and music builds before reaching a climax of intensity at the chorus where it feels like we are actually ‘dancing with Delilah’. Some of the band’s most successful tracks, including the likes of Shake It OffSpectrum and Dog Days Are Over, have rested upon their powerful melodies and enormous vocals that hold a true sense of empowerment in the music and Delilah certainly follows this route making it possibly one of the most poignant tracks on the album. Even Annie Mac said that this is the one that stood out for me the most’ so it’s clearly something special .

How Big How Blue How Beautiful is expected to be one of the biggest releases this year and, with Delilah drawing in everything we’d expect from a Florence track, we’ve been left eager to hear what else the band have lined up on the album which will be available on June 1st.

Words by William Castile


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