EP Review: Into The Glass / Laura Doggett

Rarely is it that an artist comes along who cannot be shoved into a tiresome category that depicts their artistic tastes and expression that have been repeated many a time before. However, Bath-born and raised singer-songwriter Laura Doggett may have achieved such unbelievable feat from a mere 4-track EP.

Into The Glass is an emotional and torn collection that is carefully crafted to accentuate each of Doggett’s impressive capabilities, focusing largely on her astonishing vocal range. The EP commences with the title track, Into the Glass, an eerie alas powerful song that begins with a catchy drum beat, reminiscent of 90’s techno, which continues throughout. The alluring beat is accompanied with Doggett’s ghostly verse, a contrast certainly, but one that works. Her cries of ‘I’m running from a world of sadness’ are pained and echoed,creating a spectral atmosphere that is kept alive by the persisting reverb.

The next track, Beautiful Undone, is a lot more relaxed than the previous, Laura’s strong and accentuated vocals are striking against the simplistic acoustic melody. Similarly, Eskimo Twist reveals her vulnerable, hazier side, her almost-whispering voice trickling over the delicate piano composition, fashioning a gentle and raw form of imagery for the listener. The EP concludes with Night Girl, featuring Alice Jemima. The illusory, weightless vocals provided by Jemima unexpectedly fuse with Doggett’s vigorous, strong tone, and unite with the ghostly aura of Doggett’s music. The continuous acoustic guitar and ambient harmonies accomplish the EP, finalising it in a wonderfully ethereal technique.

Into the Glass is an impeccable release, Doggett’s song writing skills are advanced and intricate, that release raw emotion from the beginning of the track. The beautiful production of the EP only adds to its potential, and the unique debut is one I predict will be hyped.

Words by Becca Fergus


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