Track Review: Young Girls / PINS

Performing some of your debut shows in a series of abstract settings that range from basements to neglected offices is calling out to make a statement of defiance, something which the Manchester garage punk band PINS are certainly doing. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, their sound is full of attitude with scuzzy guitars and the ambient vocals of lead singer Faith Holgate. The annoyance of being a commonly dwarfed presence in bands oozing testosterone was the main motif behind forming the all female group PINS who, with the addition of Anna Donigan, Lara Williams and Lois McDonald, seem to be evidence of the powerful stature women are having in bands.

Young Girls is the band’s latest release and, opening with the euphoria of jangly electric guitars, it seems to be an anthem of naive youth and fantasy where the whimsical and almost childlike delivery of Holgate’s vocals give the track it’s sense of lightheartedness. We’re hearing a change from the aggravated sounds of songs like LUVU4LYF and Get With Me to a group heralding their brighter and more playful tones with the lyrics ‘wouldn’t it be fun to kiss everyone?’ epitomising this nature. Even though the band would probably like to retain their apathetically cool image, there’s the summery riffs of bands like Circa Waves all over the track which has surely got to be a good thing as it shows PINS’ diversity as a band.

It’s definitely worth trying to catch PINS at one of the many upcoming gigs on their tour, just make sure that you’re up for an audacious and oestrogen infused night of not just rage but also the wildness of tracks like Young Girls and other’s from the new album Wild Nights which will be released on June 8th.

Words by William Castile


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