Album Review: Land / Novella

In the depths of a once upon a time factory turned studio in Dalston, North East London, something was brewing. Electronic and ramshackle melodies were thrust together, laced with dreamy vocals, two new members were hauled in and mushed together to create the surprising debut release, Land.

Once your typical denim jacket pocket indie collective, Novella have branched out into the realms of psychedelic pop, a genre that has been sucked into the mainstream vacuum as of recent, however their endeavour is bold and slightly outstanding from the pack.

With three years spent shying away from the industry, Land is a worthwhile compilation, with distinct and intriguing tracks. Opening with Follow, a pining electric guitar rhythm and continuous drum beat, the intro is prolonged, positively however, as the ascent is exciting and creates a welcome awakening to the album itself. It is assumed that the gentle vocals Novella provide on their music would be washed out by such a heavy beat, but they infuse perfectly, wisped up in the melody.

Tunes such as Sentences and Younger Than Yesterday boast cosmic chorale and toe-tapping sounds that wouldn’t go misplaced in the prime psych era of the 60’s. Colourful tracks Again, You Try Your Luck and Something Must Change are supported by chunky bass eruptions and allow the album to have a new sense of volume, unlike the expected monotonous synth of your average paisley and glitter clad clan.

First single release Land Gone is a pretty combination of distant and gentle vocals with a rapid drum beat, and despite the simplistic lyrics, they work with the easy-breezy vibe of the track, and is a strong choice for promoting the feel of the album.

Novella’s new image is far more adapted to the developing music scene of 2015, and their ability to stand out and time spent away has benefited them dramatically, their ethereal and eastern sounds bound to be popular this summer.

Words by Becca Fergus 


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