Track Review: Last Night I Fell / FRANÇOIS

Once again Brighton has shown itself to be the go to city for new music with the number of independent artists ever increasing and their latest export being the ‘downtempo dream wave’ duo FRANÇOIS. Sharing most of their music on Spotify, the band have recently released an EP demo of their two latest tracks including Gold and Last Night I Fell.

FRANÇOIS, although a relatively new project, seem to have already found their ‘sonic space’ which lies somewhere between the music of London Grammar and psychedelia of Foliage. Opening with the faint chime of chords and a hypnotically programmed drum machine, Last Night I Fell immediately transfixes you with the vocals binding all of this together. We hear both members of the duo performing harmonies of almost eerie ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ – their sense of distance in the mix only adding to this. All of this, alongside the pensive repetition of title lyrics ‘last night I fell’, makes it seem as though the track’s literally looking back after a fall and you’re not all there in a sense as the dreamy ambiances roll through your speakers.

It seems that FRANÇOIS will be giving us a lot more to look forward to with Last Night I Fell currently being previewed as a demo. Their opiate sounds symbolise a time of musical change where we could be moving away from the masses of ‘indie rock’ bands to hear more of these contemporary ideas.

Words by William Castile


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