Artist Spy: Cherry Glazerr

If you’re not jealous of a group of teenagers that have released an album, toured America and gained a massive following all before the time they’ve left high school, then you’ve probably already done it yourself. But for most, LA trio Cherry Glazerr – who consist of Clementine Creevy, Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman – can only seem to impress with their mix of scuzzy garage rock and punk attitude making them stand out from your ordinary high school band.

After signing to Burger Records and performing a set at Burgerama 2013, the influential Hedi Slimane aired Trick Or Treat Dancefloor in an ad campaign for Yves St Laurent which exposed the band and their debut album Haxel Princess on a global level. The album was released in follow up to the eight track cassette Papa Cremp and actually features the aggressively whimsical vocals of Sophia Muller who fronted the group until her strange and sudden departure just before the album’s release. It features tracks like Teenage Girl which herald a sense of adolescent corruption whilst also showing the band’s apathetically cool image. The lyrics quickly change from ‘pink sparkly sunglasses lying by the pool’ to ‘sneaking cigarettes at lunchtime’ along with a decrease in pace and movement to a more dull sound reflecting of how this youthful innocence is lost. Moving away from this, the band shows how versatile their sound can be with the belligerence of White’s Not My Colour This Evening  providing an onslaught of discordant guitar shredding accompanied by the screeches of tormented vocals and sinister cackling. There’s certainly two opposing sides to the band, one being the childlike gaiety heard in Cry Baby and the other, the domineering antagonism of Haxel Princess and Sweaty Faces. 

What with the strain of graduating high school, Cherry Glazerr seemed to slip into an inertia of scarcely releasing new material, only playing the occasional gig and becoming somewhat of an enigma. However the band have finally reemerged with the announcement of their first UK tour dates, some new tracks and even an updated website! They’ve already managed to sell out their gig at London’s The Garage, so their time away clearly hasn’t had an effect if only making fans more eager to see them. Under the constant watch of sites like DIY and NME, Cherry Glazerr’s return is certain to be a big one filled with all the anger and rage you’d expect  – if not more.

[We’ll be Upstairs At The Garage next month for the band’s debut UK performance so make sure to look out for our review!]

Words by William Castile


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