Track Review: You’re A Germ / Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice have fast become one of this years most watched bands with almost every single from their debut album, My Love Is Cool, being premiered as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record. From Giant Peach to Bros, we’ve already heard a diverse mix of aggression, rage and also tenderness which not only gives us a taste of what to expect on the album, but also shows the band to be one of an opposing nature in both sound and personality. With the release date of their album becoming ever closer, the London four-piece’s latest single You’re A Germ is another one of their older songs which will be appearing on the album and is certain to dismiss any doubts you may have about buying it.

Starting with a heavy chugging guitar and the mournful vocals of lead singer Ellie Rowsell, we immediately hear the band’s gritty rock sound accompanied by an intense driving rhythm. The vocal delivery is somewhat more innocent than we’ve heard previously in the screeches and screams of Giant Peach and Moaning Lisa Smile with the gentle harmonies created between Rowsell and drummer Joel Amey giving the passage a softer tone. Although this doesn’t last for long as, in typical Wolf Alice fashion, everything seems to build into a frenzy with hits on the drums becoming intense crashes and simple guitar riffs becoming more reminiscent of late 60s rock and roll. All of this pent up anger seems to reach its climax with Rowsell almost howling the lyrics ‘where’s mum and dad so you can tell them you’re a dirty fucker as well’ over the formidable whisper of ‘eyes wide eyes wide’. To use a bad analogy, the tracks almost like a toddler that didn’t get what it wanted on Christmas Day, starting off steady and content then building into a rage of passion and fury.

My Love Is Cool will be released this month on June 23rd and could be appearing rather high in the album charts with the band dominating the independent media and musical publications – most recently making a historic appearance as the cover artist on NME. After it’s release, Wolf Alice will be touring the album and their new songs all across the UK at various festivals and also on their own headline tour and You’re A Germ is said to be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers with it’s extreme outbursts of temper apparently being the cause of many a mosh pit.

They’re going to be one of the most exciting new artists this year standing out from the crowd with both the image and sound of new generation rockers. A symbol of strong female presence, early success and underdog uprising, Wolf Alice and their music are certain to become are lot more distinguished very soon

Words by William Castile


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