Gengahr Album Launch Party / Rio Cinema

On an overcast Friday night, people from the likes of Harry Koisser, Emily Baker, Charlotte Patmore and our own Lily Smith made their way to Essex’s Rio Cinema where the band of alternative rockers, Gengahr, held the first hearing of their debut album A Dream Outside. 

Dubbed as an ‘Album Launch Party’, masses of the band’s friends and the lucky fans who managed to receive tickets arduously waited for what must have seemed like hours in a queue which stretched around the cinema in order to hear the live performance. There was a brief interval of socialising where people grabbed photos with members of various different bands before everyone made their way into the theater for the night’s main event with every seat being filled.

The event started with a nostalgic video of Gengahr reflecting on their tour with alt-J ahead of the band coming on stage to play through the new album. The acoustics of tracks like She’s A Witch and other previous singles, including Heroine, resonated through the auditorium and inevitably pleasing the crowd. However what made the evening more special than simply an ordinary gig was the chance to hear currently unreleased tracks from the album to which the audience seemed to love so much it provoked a standing ovation. As the night drew to a relatively late close at around 1:30am, the band gave their thanks to friends, family and fans for supporting them in such a big that allowed them to produce the album. Like moving in a full circle, people again took the opportunity to have photos with band members and receive signings in the foyer before petering out of the cinema into the street and bringing the night to a close.

A Dream Outside is released on Monday and an album definitely worth getting your hands on. You can view all the photos from the night below.gengahr 2

gengahr 3

gengahr 1


Photos by Lily Smith

Words by William Castile


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