Album Review: My Love Is Cool / Wolf Alice

The name ‘Wolf Alice’ brings with it a sound that is difficult to define, and My Love Is Cool only strengthens the claim that the band have created a genre of their own – the London four-piece’s debut effort is an invigorating and eclectic mix, and it’s easy to see why the album is one of 2015’s most hotly anticipated releases. From the ever mighty Fluffy to softer tones such as the stunning Swallowtail, My Love is Cool is laden with brilliance.

Turn To Dust, the opening track, is a mesmerising endeavor which, laced with intricacies and celestial vocals from lead singer Ellie Rowsell, makes it clear that we should expect the unexpected throughout the album. The surreal quality of the opener is translated into other dreamlike tracks throughout the album – the hypnotic Soapy Water is almost heart-wrenching, with Rowsell’s soft croon of ‘so look into my eyes and see how close I am to crack’ tugging at the emotions of all who listen. Silk is a similarly haunting number, which builds in size until you’re crying along to ‘my love it kills me slowly, slowly I could die’. In one word: captivating.

In contrast to the surreal, emotion laced influence of such tracks, My Love Is Cool is seeping with the punchy, grungy sound that we have come to expect of the band; You’re A Germ sounds as if it was drawn straight out of an angsty 90s movie, with raucous vocals and an impressive performance from drummer Joel Amey making for a boisterous anthem. Lisbon is definitely a highlight, and the positively stadium sized Giant Peach is a stand-out with its thrilling riffs that grab you by the shoulders and shake you.

Moving on, Your Loves Whore proves even more how diverse Wolf Alice are as a band, with its atmospheric intro and glittering pop-rock influence that is present in the extremely catchy Freazy, and spectacular end track The Wonderwhy, which brings with it a hidden vocal-guitar duet performed by Ellie Rowsell which is stunning and raw in its own right.

My Love Is Cool is released on June 23rd and is definitely an album that it is worth picking up – Wolf Alice have produced a slick, charismatic debut, the variety and authenticity present making it clear that this band is on to something special.

Words by Tabitha Green


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