Track Review: California Sun / Baby Strange

It’s easy to see why Glaswegian trio Baby Strange are causing a stir; effortless combinations of grunge, fuzz and melodic rock have seen each single making waves with the likes of Friend, which appeared on various TV soundtracks, and Pure Evil bringing the band critical acclaim. Their new effort and latest release, California Sun, is no exception to this even if it does see the band taking their sound in a slightly different direction.

Somewhat different to the band’s previous efforts, California Sun brings light to the bristled punk darkness heard in the likes of 2014’s VVV. Polished, yet maintaining the raw, grainy sound that is Baby Strange, the track is laced with reverb drenched guitars and dreamy vocals that channel the inspiration of shoegaze outfits such as The Jesus and Mary Chain. The melodic chorus of Baby when my friends are dead, I’ll be there for you’ is the icing on the cake for this captivating summer anthem with it’s morbid but strangely comforting message. All of this combined with the discordant melodies sees the band offering us a track that cuts deep into the core of you.

Despite the slight venture away from the trio’s familiar punk sound, California Sun packs no less of a punch and certainly does not disappoint – we can’t wait to see what else Baby Strange have to offer in the future with every release seeming to offer something different to before.

Words by Tabitha Green


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