Song of The Week: Pages Of Gold / Flo Morrissey

Elegant and ethereal, the sound to your summer would not be complete without a Flo Morrissey track to see you through those hot days of lying in the sun and reading a book. Surfacing late last year, the 20 year old singer has already made quite an impact with her unique vocals honing a more classical tone than is commonly heard and setting herself aside from the mainstream. Her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, was released earlier this month and is a shrine of heavenly sounds which wash over you in an air of peace reminiscent of everything ranging from 60s psychedelia to the ragas of east Asia.

Pages Of Gold is probably one of the most poignant tracks featured on the album and, being one of Flo’s first singles, it serves as an introspective and celestial love story full of dream like melodies and eternal harmonies. There’s a spiritual nature to the track from the very beginning with a tender melody and passive drum beats softly pouring out before Morrissey’s angelic vocals lament a tale of unrequited love where ‘Everyone except for you passes me by’. As her vocals seem to float somewhere above the instrumentation, this adds particular attention to the lyrics ‘I stay in all day shutting away these thoughts I have to hide’ which cite the pain love can cause. After peeling back the symphonic strings, twinkling harp chords and chiming cymbals, you realise that a more sullen message lies beneath what, at first, seemed like a heavenly chorus and your left with a tingling sense of nostalgia.

Leaving us with the brief echo of her vocals, Pages Of Gold heralds its beauty through simplicity. There’s no blaring sense of studio effects besides the occasional use of reverb which nothing but aids with the almost haunting ambiance and everything about both Flo and her track seem genuine – that’s what makes it so powerful. She’s one of the year’s most innovative new artists with her individuality undeniably making Flo Morrissey and her music more than special.

Words by William Castile


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