Track Review: Tears Of Joy / Surge

You may not have heard of Surge but, after listening to their debut single Tears Of Joy, they’re likely to become a band you wont want to forget. Completed by George King, Alan Jones, David Smyth and Billy Fenton, the indie rock outfit are already doing reasonably well scoring numerous gigs and seeing their fan base quickly growing so it’s no surprise Tears Of Joy has been so well received.

Full of slick melodies and polished riffs, it seems as if Surge’s sound is one that’s been perfected over years and years of playing when, in fact, the band only came together this year. We first hear this when a summery guitar riff, similar to those of Circa Waves and T-Shirt Weather, bounces out of the speakers before the track really kicks in with King’s chilled but spirited vocals. It’s definitely a track that would fit perfectly in a playlist for the beach or road trip with it’s infectious melodies and catchy chorus making it a great one to sing along to. Jangly guitars and upbeat rhythms, Tears Of Joy undoubtedly lives up to its name and is one of this summer’s must hear tracks.

We’re certainly not crying any tears after hearing what Surge’s first release and can only wait to see what more the band has to offer and how they’ll progress.

Words by William Castile


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