Artist Spy: Dolores Haze

Describing themselves as an ‘infamous and highly overrated noise rock band’, the all female Swedish outfit Dolores Haze clearly know how to grapple with irony although it’s certainly not their only forte. The band unearthed several years ago during a time when spaces in the industry for independent bands seemed to be little and far few, but it finally seems that, for the four girls who go by Groovy Nickz, Groovy Fuck, Lucky Lollo and Foxy Sagz, now might be their time. Scandinavia’s fast becoming a hotspot for new and innovative music with artists including the likes of Iceage, MØ and First Aid Kit being a fresh new addition to what is a seemingly stagnant pool. So, for Dolores Haze, the time is now.

Not dissimilar to other bands of their genre, The Jesus and Mary Chain play a large influence on both the group’s image and sound. They’re apathetically cool donning retro garments of oversized t-shirts, cropped dresses and leather jackets whilst also pulling off some fairly wild hairstyles, it’s all very punk rock. This sense of attitude inevitably transfuses across to their music and has stuck with them since the start and particularly on I Got My Gun. The band have also served up their Accidental EP, a four track record that manages to tell all in a matter of minutes through propounding us with aggressive guitars and violent vocals from Nickz. Tracks like The Haze and Fuck The Pain Away act as anthems of wrecked youth and anger with the repeated chorus of ‘The haze is forever’ enforcing the band and that they really want to be something ‘forever’. However, unlike if it was a cockroach or annoying friend, you’re satisfied with this notion as the raw amounts of passion and anger can only leave you feeling fired up and wanting more.

Dolores Haze will be touring across the summer and even making their way over to the UK to perform at various festivals including Latitude so, if you have the chance, it’s definitely worth catching them as you can expect a gig full of all the same attitude their music conveys. Everything seems to be setting itself up for the band to become a new sensation, all they now need to do is step up and deliver something equally as good as before.

Words by William Castile


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