Song of The Week: Honeymoon / Lana Del Rey

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Elizabeth Woolridge-Grant, more commonly known as Lana Del Rey, graced us with her second album Ultraviolence in follow up to her critically acclaimed breakthrough Born To Die. She’s been on an upward trajectory over the years scoring performances at Glastonbury and holding multiple US and worldwide tours, so the announcement of a new album Honeymoon has been greatly received by fans who’ve been given a first taste of the record today with the release of the majestic title track.

Honeymoon is almost a step back in time for Lana, with a movement away from the electric sounds of Ultraviolence seeing the harmonious strings and mystical vocals of Born To Die making their return. Opening in an overture style of wistful violins, the track heralds one of the most common themes heard in the work of Del Rey – a soft blend of love and torment. She explores her controversial ideas of destructive romance and laments how ‘We both know the history of violence that surrounds you / But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you’, her all-encompassing vocals full of both the pain and infatuation of a tortured lover.

Drawing to a close with a series of what almost seems like a slow and melodic scat, Honeymoon is an epic five minute saga which pours out emotion and anguish whilst also delivering the classic sound of Del Rey and, although it doesn’t offer us a different sound like Ultraviolence did, the track is a refreshing throwback to the young and fragile character we were first familiar with.

Words by William Castile


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