Track Review: Chili Town / Hinds

Spanish garage-rockers Hinds have quickly become one of this years’ most talked about bands among fans, blogs, journalists and other influential artists. They’ve toured pretty much every corner of the globe whilst also finding the time to work on producing a highly anticipated debut album, so Ana, Carlotta, Ade and Amber have clearly been putting everything possible into the band. But it’s all been worth it with an array of gigs and festivals seeing the band developing their sound over time and their latest track Chili Town shows this.

‘Born on a Friday afternoon while drinking sangria’, Chili Town is a playful summer anthem which Hinds describe as their first ‘winner song’. It’s bouncy guitar riffs are similar to those of Bamboo and the quaint vocals draw comparisons to Trippy Gum but the track still has an individual sense of uniqueness. Hinds aren’t copying what they’ve done before, instead they’re bringing together all their best bits to create an enormous new track which showcases their previous sounds of jangly guitars combined with a new and more polished sound. The interplay between lead vocalists Ana and Carlotta adds an unconventional sense of harmony to Chili Town and giving it the ‘quirky Hinds appeal’.

Due to appear on their yet unnamed debut album, Hinds have truly delivered more than we could expect with Chili Town and it quite possibly may be the ‘winner song’ they’ve been working so hard for.

Words by William Castile


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