Live Review: Cherry Glazerr / Upstairs At The Garage

A queue stretching all the way down the streets of Highbury and Islington could only mean that it was the turn of LA trio Cherry Glazerr to play a one night residency Upstairs at The Garage. There was a good reason for the fans pitching themselves outside the venue in a ridiculously early fashion as this was the group’s debut UK gig and one not to be missed, proven by the large ‘SOLD OUT’ sign plastered across the doors. Once the security guards finally opened these, it was like water in a pipe as people rushed through the venue’s tight corridors eager to get the best possible space before the gig began.

Opening the night with an onslaught of drums, guitars and vocals which seemed to shake the building’s first floor, the female fronted support act Thyla definitely did a good job at drowning out the noise of the gig going on below. Their blends of delicacy with aggression, although sometimes repetitive, warmed up the crowd with their tracks drawing likeness to similar band Black Honey. It was really a ‘Marmite set’ with different crowd members responding in different ways. For those who the music resonated with, they could be found headbanging or slowly drifting among the sea of patterned shirts whereas for others it was a chance to go to the bar and top up their beer. Either way Thyla were a good opener to the show, even if the speakers were a bit too loud.

What only seemed like a few brief moments later, it was time for what everyone had been waiting for (unless you’d accidentally wandered up from fellow Americans The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s gig below). Clementine Creevy,
Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman apathetically walked onstage to a rapturous applause before Had Ten Dollaz blasted through the room. Ears rang as hits like Teenage Girl, White’s Not My Color This Evening and Trick Or Treat Dancefloor washed over the crowd who seem fully invested in both the band and their music with various moshes and the howl of people singing back the lyrics proving this. This didn’t go unnoticed by the band with Creevy commenting “What’s so different about the UK, even Europe, is that you don’t have your phones out all the time” which was probably a wise move by fans as the amount of pushing and shoving would be an inevitable cause of the infamous smashed iPhone. Hidden within the set were several new songs including the latest Sip O’ Poison and, as quickly as it started, the gig was over with the trio walking offstage in the same fashion as before.

For their first UK show, the high school graduates certainly delivered with a show that managed to make a usually stiff and contained London crowd loose all their inhibitions for the night and literally go ‘fucking mad’. People, including myself, were pushed onstage, amps got shoved and people fell over leaving me to conclude with the fact that a Cherry Glazerr gig is definitely not a dull one.

Words by William Castile


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