Track Review: Body Talk / Foxes

Although she’s the kind of artist that some might consider a guilty pleasure, the electro-pop sounds of Foxes are certain to have you dancing. Numerous hits including Let Go For Tonight and Youth seemed to pulse through last years’ airwaves seeing Louisa Allen propelled into a sonic stratosphere alongside the likes of Charli XCX and MØ who all embody a similar ethos, fun – something which is especially present in her latest single Body Talk.

Body Talk stays true to the popular synth melodies of Foxes’ debut album whilst calling upon a sense of sincerity that may have been consumed in the euphoria of Glorious. A perfect balance between joy and honesty is present throughout with the blasting chorus of ‘Let your body talk / Even when you feel so lost’ acting as an uplifting mantra of positivity, making this the ideal anthem for teenage youth.

Capturing this spirit of adolescence, paint fights, sparklers, bright lights and an abundance of faux fur have all been features of past music videos so a run down garage not seem the typical Foxes setting. Instead it’s actually more powerful with all the elements of the song littered across the three and a half minute story, vague events and night time backdrop leaving more room for interpretation whilst depicting gravity of Body Talk’s message.

Foxes teased fans by gradually posting the track listing for her new album last week on Instagram and revealed that Body Talk will sit alongside fifteen other tracks on All I Need. If the energy of Body Talk is anything to go by, we can be expecting possibly one of the years’ biggest albums so the time for Foxes is now. With a new venture into the fashion world and her second album on the horizon, she’s certainly holding on to heaven.

Words by William Castile


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