Album Review: Another One / Mac Demarco

Much to the delight of, well, pretty much everyone, Mac Demarco has graced us with the presence of his new mini album Another One. Laid back and beachy, Another One is an eight-strong collection of Demarco’s trademark love-centred songs, a number of which are quite possibly some of his best work yet. Oozing authenticity and sincerity (perhaps too much – the finishing touch is Demarco giving out his address and inviting listeners for coffee), this latest effort doesn’t stray far from the Mac Demarco sound we’ve grown to know and love, but perhaps takes things down a peg or two.

The LP opens with The Way You’d Love Her, a lilting love song drenched in longing, with a sprightly solo that distracts from the somewhat melancholy lyrics. Just to Put Me Down thrives off of a similar buoyant melody – tying a cheery sounding instrumental with the pessimistic message of “pick me up, just to put me down” has the potential to be risky and distract from the sincerity of the track, but Demarco’s master craftsmanship ensures that the risk pays off.

Call me cliché, but “magical” would not be out of place as a word to describe some of the mini album’s highlights. No Other Heart, a keyboard-centric ballad that follows the theme of longing, is simply quite stunning. Twinkling guitars and Demarco’s soft croon of “I’ll put the sparkle right back in your eye” are enough to make anyone overcome with warmth. Similarly, despite the more forlorn sound of both, Without Me and title track Another One are sparkling, laced with wistful melodies that truly convey Demarco’s songwriting talents.

With each release, Mac Demarco proves exactly why his popularity is constantly soaring – not only is he a joker with an undeniable stage presence, but an outstanding talent. The rawness and sincerity translated through his songs, particularly in this small longing-laced collection, makes it clear that when it comes to songwriters, Mac Demarco is not just Another One.

Words by Tabby Green


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