Track Review: The Stalker / Sunflower Bean

When on previous albums, you have been bewitched by Manhattan’s psych band Sunflower Bean’s lo-fi sounds and dark rock undertones you may wonder, how could they possibly get any more impressive?  However, on their latest single The Stalker it’s clear they still have a lot left in store for us.

Hypnotic, haunting, kaleidoscopic, they’re not nearly as subtle as their name may lead us to believe. In their new single, they really do have all the fundamental ingredients to produce some rather out there tones.The disturbing yet alluring emphasis from the bass sends one into a trance, The Black Angels ‘esc’ band will have you under their spell with this new track which we can’t get enough of.

With a stint across the pond supporting The Vaccines on their UK tour, Sunflower Bean are definitely a band to keep your eye on with their ever developing sound drawing in more and more fans.

Words by Tilly Lewis


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