Song of The Week: Fake ID / RAT BOY

Essex’s own teenage rascal RAT BOY has taken a fairly weird approach to finding himself as an artist with his Jamie T style raps initially drawing in a large fan base from the ‘indie’ crowd. Although he didn’t stay on this scene for long, being affiliated with The 1975 by supporting them on tour has seen him shift fields to become an artist with likeable songs but a slightly more questionable fan base.

His latest release, Fake ID, has the same charm as his debut single Sign On and we’re again left sympathising with the cheeky chap who lost his job in Wetherspoons and lives his life in second hand clothes. His witty lyricism’s weave a farcical interplay with a pacey drum rhythm giving the track it’s initial sense of audacity. Cardy sings about how he gets into a scrap over his fake ID before he ‘turned down this alley and this young man grabbed me’,capturing this event perfectly in the rush of jangling guitars and snare claps.

Whether you like him or not, it’s hard to deny that RAT BOY knows how to write a song. Infectiously catchy and audacious, Fake ID is set to send this East End boy to greater places.

Words by William Castile


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