Reading and Leeds: The Definitive Guide

It’s almost time for people to start packing their sleeping bags and heading the this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. 2015’s line up is said to be the holy grail for the best live acts with performances from up and coming new artists alongside the classic sounds of bands like The Libertines. With the festival fast approaching, we’ve put together a definitive guide to our favourite artists performing across the weekend and, if that isn’t enough, we’ve also included the venues they’re performing at; so you know where to catch them in all their glory.

Slaves: NME/BBC Radio 1 stage

Punky two piece from Kent, Slaves are back since their unforgettable set at Glastonbury, but they’re not just back, they’re back with an increasing mass of groovy followers; could this be the revival of the post punk revolution? Their debut album Are You Satisfied? has been propounded by the likes of Radio 1 and NME so it’s no surprise to see them performing on their shared stage.

Songs to listen out for include: Cheer Up London, Feed The Mantaray, The Hunter

Black Honey: Festival Republic Stage

Brighton rockers Black Honey will be drawing the end of an epic festival season, which has seen them tour the world, to a close with their performances at Reading and Leeds. Their music is full of haunting undertones and rage which comes across in every one of the band’s live shows. So be ready for passion, screaming and headbanging, because they’re the ones who’ll be bringing it.

Songs to listen out for: Sleep Forever, Madonna, Spinning Wheel

Glass Animals: NME/BBC Radio 1 stage

A groovy fusion of psychedelia and hypnotic synth undertones, Leeds beloved Glass Animals really do have the essence of individuality about them that most bands aspire to obtain. Their music and their stage presence goes hand in hand to create something extremely transcendent and unmissable.

Songs to listen out for: Hazey, Psylla, Gooey

Shura: NME/Radio 1 stage

Pushing a genre known as ‘bedroom pop’ back into the musical forefront, singer-songwriter Shura provides a captivating live show. Her music takes inspiration from all kinds of genre’s ranging from R&B to trance-pop, but when pulled together, creates a sound that’s absolutely magical. So much so that it’s attracted the likes of band’s like Jungle and Hinds who constantly pioneer the Londoner’s music. With her latest track White Light being played by some of Radio 1’s hottest DJ’s, be the one who can say you saw her before she was big.

Songs to listen out for: Indecision, White Light, Touch

Drenge: Main Stage

Alternative rock with insane bass solos that leave you feeling stripped and shaken, Drenge are the ones to see following the release of their second album Undertow earlier in the year. A rewarding grunge sound that’s heavily influenced by post rock and fading nostalgia, Drenge never fail to disappoint and the outbreak of savage moshpits is a common sight.

Songs to listen out for: Bloodsports, Running Wild, Backwaters, Favourite Son

Sundara Karma: Festival Republic Stage

Quickly becoming the next big indie rock band, Sundara Karma are coming to Reading and Leeds with a punch and their most notable single Flame has been aired on Radio 1 on more than one occasion. Their only direction from here is up with the future looking bright for these apathetically cool dudes, so make sure to catch them for a fresh taste of indie guitar pop.

Songs to listen out for- Flame, Loveblood, Indigo Puff

Circa Waves: NME/BBC Radio 1 stage

If you’re a fond lover of mosh pits, Circa Waves’ set is the one to be at. We can tell the fans will be giving nothing but good vibes to the loved indie four piece whose latest album Young Chasers has been soundtracking pretty much everyone’s summer. And hey, if moshing isn’t your thing, you can still appreciate the unmissable glory of Circa Waves from further back, no worries!

Songs to listen out for: So Long, Fossils, T-Shirt Weather

Django Django: Festival Republic Stage

Another one of the festival’s highly coveted sets is expected to be that of Django Django. You can be sure to expect a mix of old and more up to date songs of theirs, with tracks from the new album Born Under Saturn likely to dominate the set. With groovy electronic vibes that draw comparisons to the work of Caribou, the band are the perfect act for a hazy August afternoon making their Reading and Leeds set unmissable.

Songs to listen out for – Life’s A Beach, First Light, Default, Shake And Tremble

Gengahr: Festival Republic Stage

As you well know, we’ve been keeping a close eye on pretty much everything Gengahr have to offer and are greatly anticipating what they have in store at the festival. If you’re looking to chill after the inevitable dodgy night, Gengahr are the ones to see with their blend of soft acoustic tones and laid back melodies .

Songs to listen out for- She’s A Witch, Dizzy Ghosts, Bathed In Light

Palma Violets: Main Stage

Just like the sweets, Palma Violets are tangy and utterly desirable. They bring a utopia if nostalgia and alternative indie rock undertones that are too good to miss.

Songs to listen out for: Best Of Friends, We Found Love, Danger In The Club

Blossoms: Festival Republic Stage

Hazy five act from Manchester, the psychedelic sound of Blossoms is quickly prevailing and they’re certainly not a band to miss. With an edgy sound similar to that of Peace and Temples, they’re rapidly attracting lots of attention and signed a coveted record deal with Virgin EMI just last week.

Songs to listen out for: Blow, Cut Me And I’ll Bleed, Blown Rose

Words by Tilly Lewis



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