EP Review: M3LL155X / FKA twigs

From the second FKA Twigs’ released her debut EP2, it was apparent exactly how wildly talented the young songstress is – with last year’s LP1 and now the new 5-track EP M3LL155X, she has proven herself as one of the most dynamic and promising creatives of our generation. According to Twigs, M3LL155X (pronounced as Mellissa), refers to her ‘personal female energy,’ an individuality that resonates throughout each of the five tracks.

The EP is a compilation of art that is only further heightened by the 16 minute long accompanying video that has been subject to much discussion since its release. It’s proof that Twigs knows who she is as an artist; as a whole, the creative package is somewhat remarkable. Opening track Figure 8 is a production masterpiece – Twigs’ lilting vocals ring over a whirlwind of shakes, rattles and rolls, and it’s as enchanting as it is empowered. The EP is a highly cohesive mix, with each track tied to its neighbours both acoustically and thematically, with each transition silky smooth. As Figure 8 fades into track two I’m Your Doll, the tone becomes slightly more demure as Twigs croons that she feels “like a loaded gun.”

In Time is bolder and brasher than the rest of M3LL155X’s efforts, with a haunting melody that is accompanied by the repeated, indignant-sounding statement “you’ve got a goddamn nerve.” However, my personal highlight is the already released Glass & Patron. The track certainly makes ‘enchantress’ a fitting title for Twigs, with its mix of wildly effective production techniques and the climatic chants of “1, 2, 3… Now hold that pose for me” that were briefly touched upon in the EP’s opening track.

As M3LL155X closes with the alluring Mothercreep, listeners are inevitably left wanting more and thus going back for more (and more). FKA Twigs has graced us once again with an ethereal yet sultry, and certainly memorable creation that only heightens the claim that she is as much an artist as a songstress; an all-round performer who excites and entices with each astounding effort.

Words by Tabby Green


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