Song of The Week: Lousy Connection / Ezra Furman

Recently releasing his third album Perpetual Motion People, Ezra Furman is the kind of artist that holds a soft spot in everyone’s heart. His lyrics of social rebellion and totally non-conformist image would seem more like traits of a boisterous activist and not a humble cross dresser. Totally unique and adventurous, with the support of his band ‘The Boyfriends’, Ezra Furman is making a statement and it’s one not be ignored.

Lousy Connection is the first single to be lifted from Perpetual Motion People and, releasing the music video today, it’s a bold revival of both the new and old. A classic 50’s doo-wop style of bellowing saxes and glittering piano comping puts force behind his message of being an outsider in society in a way that still maintains a cheery and lighthearted feel, and there’s no way you can get more lighthearted than the track’s music video. Chicken drumsticks are used to play the drum-kit whilst Ezra and his Boyfriends smash multi-coloured eggs, it’s all a bit silly really but we love it!

One of the most socially inspiring artists of current time, Ezra Furman knows the world is messed up but, through his songs, tries to add a glimmer of hope in what seems an ever darkening room, even if this is through donning a dress and rouged lips.

Words by William Castile


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