Track Review: Jesuits / Carpet Floors

Bristol-based up and comers Jesuits have been the subject of an awful lot of buzz recently, and with the release of the band’s debut single Carpet Floors, it isn’t exactly difficult to see why. Coming in at just 1:41, the track is a short and most definitely sweet statement.

The band were formed via “a mutual love of Feedback, Fuzz Pedals & Pop Music,” a love that is apparent in their debut effort – after a demure opening, the track soon becomes dominated by increasingly frantic drumming and an explosion of fuzzy guitars. There’s even more progression as Carpet Floors reaches its climax; the implementation of a 60’s-esque jangle gives the track an element of depth, as if it gets pieced together layer by layer as you listen, eventually reaching the punch-packing heights of its finale.

Giving credit where it’s due, Jesuits have managed to pack a tiny bit of everything into an even tinier time frame. Aside from the fusion of pop, punk, psychedelia, grunge, and just about everything else you could possibly think of, there’s a chorus that heavily resembles a snippet of Wavves  King of The Beach. In other words, Jesuits are on to something good. Carpet Floors is a gem of a track and an incredibly impressive debut.

Words by Tabitha Green


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