Track Review: Two To Birkenhead / Bill Ryder-Jones

Embarking on a solo career after a twelve year stint playing guitar for The Coral, Bill Ryder-Jones has stepped away from the backseat to give us a flavour of his own sounds. His warming blend of mellow vocals with tender guitar melodies form a honest sense of unity that carries itself throughout all of Jones’ music, from his first EP A Leave Taking to his latest release Two To Birkenhead. 

Set to appear on his third album, West Kirby County PrimaryTwo To Birkenhead is a touching tale of love, loss and yearning. Ryder-Jones croons about ‘two thimbles who need a thread’ over a sobering chorus of delicately orchestrated electric guitars and, even though relatively minimalist, they say a lot. There’s a transparency in everything from the vocals to the sincerity of the lyrics which really highlights this emotional outpouring, and it’s a way of Bill fully inviting us into the mechanisms of his feelings.

Much like an open wound, Two To Birkenhead is a track that bleeds tenderness and anguish, leaving you slightly more sensitive than you did before.

Words by William Castile


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