Live Review: Mac Demarco / The Roundhouse

Last Tuesday night Mac Demarco graced the UK with his gap toothed presence once again as he brought his world tour off the back of his new mini album Another One to The Roundhouse in Camden. The gig was attended by indies finest, the street outside a sea of caps, baggy jeans and worn out vans inspired by Mac’s signature look.

There’s an air of uncertainty surrounding Mac Demarco’s gigs, you never really know what’s going to happen, perhaps this all began when he stuck a drumstick up his arse during a rendition of U2’s Beautiful Day a couple of years back; however he’s seemed to have grown in maturity since, his music also follows this line, and there’s a new tameness to his shows. Another One, released last month, demonstrates a more melodic and melancholy side, less freaking out the neighbourhood and more ‘Her heart belongs to another, and no other heart will do’ Demarco comes on stage to whooping and cheering that’s goes on for way longer than usual, there’s a cult like feeling surrounding the Canadian stoner singer, his fans heralding a reverence to him.

He opens the gig with ‘The stars are calling my name’ before surging into The Way You’d Love Her; the crowd already passing joints around and engaging in mass lethargic swaying. One of the new ones, A Heart Like Hers, Demarco sings half of on his knees, in the gaps raising his head to the celling and shouting ‘FUCKKK’ for no apparent reason, ending the track in his typical mug-style, tongue out. ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ tinged Still Together is howled by the crowd, before he decides to engage in some crowd surfing, unfortunately radically overestimating the strength of skinny long haired hipsters, and spending most of the time being passed around on the floor, and crushing all those he passed above.

Coming back on for an encore, Demarco and his band delve into Metallica, covering Enter Sandman and Smoke On Water, topless and sweaty, Mac watches as frantic mosh pits open up, before sauntering off stage, the cult surrounding Mac Demarco doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon.

Words by Daisy Lester


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