Interview: The Vaccines

Over the course of the weekend, some of the coolest names in live music have been making their way across the English Channel for the annual Jersey Live Festival. Yesterday already saw acts like Wolf Alice, Palma Violets and Clean Bandit take to the stage with The Vaccines making a coveted headline appearance. We caught up with Freddie and Pete just before their set to have a chat about festivals, music and the new album.

So this is your first time playing in Jersey, what do you think of it?

Freddie: I like it, I used to come here a lot as a kid and my granny lived here so I have really fond memories. It’s really nice to be back!

You guys have had huge success over the last few years, did you expect this? 

Freddie: No –

Pete: Yeah, I thought it was about time someone realised how brilliant we were. No, you don’t go into these things expecting it at all. I think we all felt something the first time we started playing together and it felt somewhat legitimate. We realised straight up that we were four people who could make good music together and I felt like it was the most real and cohesive thing I’d been part of. You don’t go into it expecting any sort of commercial success at all, we wanted it to be led by the music and we’ve stuck by that ever since.

What do you enjoy about being in the studio and recording?

Freddie: I actually fear the recording studio when we’re on the road but, once we’re in there, I don’t want to leave it. They’re polar opposites but you’d get tired if you only did one of them so I like them equally.

The sound of ‘English Graffiti’ has changed a lot from your first two albums, what inspired you to make this change?

Freddie: I think when we were touring Come of Age I felt tired of that raw ‘plug in and play’ approach which we did in the first two records. We were listening to a lot of modern, contemporary bands and we felt what we were didn’t represent us anymore so tried to get onto the same page as the people we were admiring.

Will you carry on in this direction with future albums? 

Freddie: It’s really hard because you just do what you enjoy.

Pete: I think, more so than we did before, the process in making this last record isn’t quite finished yet so there’s room to grow and I think we would like to explore working with our producers Cole and Dave again. We feel like there’s still room to maneuver within the sounds we’ve produced.

Interviewers: William Castile and Jenny Mullin


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