Song of The Week: Garden / Hinds

The time has finally come for Spanish garage-rockers Hinds to announce their debut album along with the gleaming opening track, GardenLeave Me Alone will see both old favourites and new material form an epic collection of twelve songs that scream fun, ecstasy and truth about the twelve faces of love they’ve experienced.

Taking to social media, the band explained how they ‘thought this album would be all party and cheerfulness’ but instead it’s ended up being a balance with some more sobering tracks, Garden being one of them. We’re taken from one extreme of emotion to another and it’s welcomed, after all an album full of screams and cheers might become somewhat grating, but there’s a sense of honesty in Garden resonating at a deeper level. When before the girls would be heard teasing and taunting their lovers, the track seems more emotional with the previously eccentric vocals of Ana and Carlotta now being tinged with a sense of pain and their bouncy guitar riffs feeling a bit heavier.

With the whirlwind surrounding Hinds growing ever stronger, Garden is a powerful asset to their musical inventory and ensures that Leave Me Alone will be one of the most exciting albums of the coming year.

Words by William Castile


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