EP Review: Fall In / Pixx

Hannah Rodgers, the singer-songwriter from south London, is quickly becoming the next best thing after her mystical sounds saw her quickly signing with 4AD earlier this year. Full of swirling slow paced rhythms and angelic tones, Pixx‘s debut EP; Fall In sees her making a name as one of this year’s most innovative and unique new artists.

The title track Fall In opens this four track utopia which falls hand in hand with an artistic, yet eye opening video. Combining an effective fusion of hallucinatory sounds with particular electronic synth emphasis, it’s an enigmatic track full of mystery which cleverly creates an air of mystery and delusion.

A Way To Say Goodbye exploits the same delicacy as before, although the young songstress now explores the true power of her voice. Tender vocal interplay forms a transfixing dialogue and, laid a bed of dreamy ambiances, the sheer purity is true genius. It’s minimalist, haunting and beautiful much like the following track Flee.

Bringing us out with possibly the boldest track of the whole EP, Deplore feels much more ominous than previous tracks and leaves us with a greater sense of Pixx’s artistic power. Where before she has played the role of a timid lover, we now hear her summoning an enrapturing storm. She is the Medusa and Deplore is her siren’s call.

Sitting alongside the likes of FKA twigs and BanksPixx is right in the middle of music’s most exciting hot-spot, Fall In setting her up to compete for the crown.

Words by Tilly Lewis


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