Track Review: If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away / Flo Morrissey

Through the tender melodies of pensive love songs, Flo Morrissey and her debut album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful are paving the way for an era of elegance and simplicity. Her operatic vocals, swirled with a blend of psychedelic tones and Asian instrumentation, transcend the perceptible pain and beauty on her latest single If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away in a way that leaves you feeling fragile and bruised.

Empowering what was before simply her vocals and a melodic piano accompaniment, If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away has seen a captivating development from it’s first release in 2012. Choruses of strings glide beneath the eloquent tale of Morrissey’s lover trying to change her whilst resonant percussion compels the track forward. Still retaining elements of sparsity, it’s an emotional track but in an accepting way. She’s not trying to battle love with brash melodies nor trying to seethe her anger, instead the 20 year old songstress has succumb to her reality; the sheer sense of honesty and content opening up her wounds and being what makes the track so inspiring.

Breathing the heavenly allure of creatives like Lana Del Rey, Flo Morrissey is definitely far from the stereotypical pop star with her bohemian-chic image and individual tone giving beauty to the sound of tomorrow.

Words by William Castile


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