Track Review: Corrine / Black Honey

Brighton-based quartet Black Honey have been generating an awful lot of excitement lately and it’s understandable why. Their grungy, retro sound is unlike any other with each release having you hooked within seconds of listening. The band’s latest single Corrine, which dropped just last week, is no exception to this.

According to front-woman Izzy Phillips, Corrine was written for a friend after a drunken fight, a fight which is thankfully now resolved thanks to the song’s mystical qualities. Ah, the power of music! Laced with emotion and bursting with lyrics that many will undoubtedly relate to, the track is instantly captivating, particularly so during the opening 20 seconds of soft, faded vocals and distant drumming. Corrine soon springs to life in true Black Honey style though, with a raging chorus of extreme magnitude. Where there’s the much loved scuzzy sound, there’s also an element of nostalgia and wistfulness that is extremely prominent through the cries of “Corrine come back to me,” a line that sounds as if it should be of iconic status.

Black Honey are soon to embark on a headline UK tour, followed by a support slot with The Wytches, so if this charming new track has left you wanting more, be sure to catch them on one of their many tour dates.

Words by Tabitha Green


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