EP Review: Tired Eyes / Gengahr

Throughout the year, Gengahr have been quickly flooding everything from bedrooms to festival stages with their gentle aura of soft guitars and wispy vocals. Their debut album A Dream Outside proved to be an island of tranquility among the brasher sounds of their indie rock counterparts, tracks like Bathed In Light and She’s A With drifting through your speakers in a meditative semblance. The only thing vacant from the album seemed to be a bit of fire but, surprising us ahead of their forthcoming UK tour, the band have now given us this in their new three track EP Tired Eyes.

Unlike it’s title, the title track Tired Eyes is anything but what you would expect. There’s a burning undertone of ardent spirit that’s especially emphasised in the harmonic choruses of ‘typically Gengahr’ chiming guitars of which suddenly begin to thrust themselves into an tight explosion which carries throughout the whole EP. Fade To Black is arguably the most passionate track in the collection, the hauntingly falsetto vocals of lead singer Felix Bushe taking us on an impassioned journey through the tender tones of agony to the violence of heartbreak. The instrumental build ups are extreme, dramatic and glorious; but more importantly unlike anything we’ve heard from them before.

Gengahr conclude their softly stylish collection with the joyous anthem of Loki, its rippling guitars inject a feeling of ecstasy but for once aren’t the most prominent instrument. The hum of intergalactic synths and obscure space sounds shoot into the stratosphere, leaving us on a metaphorical high.

If you’re looking for a way to excite fans before a tour, speak to Gengahr as they know how to do it. Tired Eyes shows how much more this band has to offer and is an exciting taste of the sounds we might be hearing feature on album two in the, hopefully, near future.

Words by William Castile


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