Song of The Week: Limousine / Beach Baby

Beach Baby, the funky four piece with a Britpop / 80’s new wave vibe, have just released another in a series of punchy yet mellow singles which seem to get better and better each time.

Limousine may well be Beach Baby’s most infectious statement yet, with a deep bassline and groovy guitar, the song casually progresses into becoming wonderfully carefree and calm, evocative of those chill surf punk vibes we all know and love. It is safe to say that if given the chance to ride around in a limousine ‘like some kind of Jesus Freak’ – roof down, sun up, and cold beer in hand – Limousine would be an ideal musical accompaniment, as the Beach Baby boys manage to flash us with their wit and cool as ice sounds in an impressive three minutes, leaving you intrigued, if not a little cheated.

What is the answer to this sense of deprivation, you ask? Check out Beach Baby’s other singles of course. No Mind No Money has a very catchy post-punk feel, and U R has a faded, dreamy charm which lasts longer than the length of the tune. If you are still feeling your Beach Baby needs have not been satisfied, (its ok to admit you want more, don’t be afraid to be honest) the band are playing a gig at London’s Boston Music Rooms on Thursday 8th October, after which they are said to be heading over to the States. However do not fear, they will be returning for a full tour supporting their friends Hooton Tennis Club.

Words by Ruby G


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