Track Review: Nothing Without You / The Big Moon

Angst, riot and excitement are just a few words you could use to describe the all female garage-rock quartet The Big Moon. Their oestrogen fueled anthems have been striking chords with pretty much anyone and everyone you want to be hearing your music, including The Vaccines who they’ll be touring with later this autumn, so it’s no surprise that the band’s latest release Nothing Without You has seen bloggers frantically tapping away at their keyboards whilst apathetically cool teenagers cruise the streets playing the track on full volume. Accompanied by a self choreographed music video, it’s a sanctum of rebellion and individuality.

Escalating away from the underground scene as quickly as you could imagine and hardly being the stereotypical ‘girl band’, The Big Moon bring something more fulfilling to the table than their fellow contemporaries. Their non-conformist image spits aside the glamour and airbrushing of modern day pop to bring something that leaves us with only the best bits of good old rock ‘n’ roll. Nothing Without You fully embodies this with attitude spilling across everything from graceful harmonies to a racing instrumentation. Transitions from light to dark, the good to ominous and love to loathing emerge from the music in the brief interlude of raunchy guitars and sultry vocals which seems to suddenly snap you in to the setting of a sleazy 70s burlesque bar, although is quickly put back to sleep by the return of the ever more rapturous chorus.

The Big Moon have created a name for themselves that not only resonates utter coolness and apathy, but also gives hope for the return of a less conventional girl band.

Words by William Castile


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