Track Review: Touch Me / Dolores Haze

Deliciously dark and grimey, Touch Me is the first single from Scandinavian quartet Dolores Haze’s forthcoming debut album The Haze is Forever.

Opening with a melodic and slightly melancholy sounding riff that is quite iconic in its own right, Touch Me is an instant hit. A scuzzy blend of guitars soon takes over, sending the track into the darker territory that gives it that hypnotic edge – it’s as if just listening transports you to a world of smoky basements and leather jackets. Talking of hypnotic, the track is driven by breathy, haunting vocals that ooze cool; the strong yet lazy drawl of “I don’t need your hands to touch me” is one that will reverberate around your head for days.

Perhaps just as impressive as this full of attitude song is the accompanying video that was dropped last week. A fuzzy basement tour, the video has us encountering all sorts of outlandish characters and is the perfect encapsulation of the song.

If the rest of the four piece’s debut album is anything like Touch Me then I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on it when it’s dropped in November. The band are steadily gaining more and more attention, with many singing the praises of their live shows, and it really isn’t difficult to understand the buzz the whole time they’re producing tracks of this calibre. We can’t wait to what else will be added to this punchy quartet’s repertoire in the future.

Words by Tabitha Green


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