Live Review: Swim Deep / Concorde 2

Swim Deep have constantly been evolving and getting better over the years since bursting out of the Brummy music scene in 2012. Mothers, their new album, has been in the works for two years and feeds of a range of genres and influences, from The Beatles, to early Stone Roses to New Order, to just “psychedelic sex music” in their words. And their 13 song set at Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Tuesday didn’t fail to disappoint; a mixture of old and new songs beseeching the glittered covered crowd.

Coming on to the Jurassic Park theme tune, the now five piece (Keyboardist James Balmont joined the band in 2013) said “Hi, we’re Swim Deep” before going straight into Namaste from the new album. The synth-heavy dream-pop infused track connotes the 80’s, and like the music video, it is somehow reminiscent of an old fashioned shitty TV quiz show with really bad 80’s clothing, but obviously in a very cool way. Mothers opened the door to a whole new fanbase for the group, they’ve come a long way from their debut Where The Heaven Are We, and this was obvious from the crowd gathered in Concorde 2. Of course there were the moshy teenagers, covered in glitter with their mum jeans and Dr Martins, but keeping well away from the mosh, middle aged couples and old men were bopping along. King City, one of the groups most loved older songs, created a frenzy amongst the crowd which was met by grins from the band, “Fuck your romance, I wanna pretend that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend“ being screamed back at them.

Lead singer Austin Williams oozes confidence wearing a one size too small New York tourist T shirt tucked into jeans, arms bursting out of the crowd eagerly towards him. Cavan Mcarthy floats around the stage in a loose white shirt, every bit the Yvest Saint Laurent muse whilst Guitarist Higgy is a world away from the Nirvana T shirt adorning, Blonde haired spirit in the Where The Heaven Are We Days. Drummer Zach is sporting a very new Mohawk, personally styled by Williams backstage earlier on in the day. Its safe to say Swim Deep have revolutionised themselves since 2012. Honey receives an equally warm reception from the crowd, the group still embracing their much loved older tracks.

Fueiho Boogie, the last track of Mothers is an eight minute long psychedelic groove, inspired by the bands tip to Japan where they came across the ‘Fueiho’ law, which states no dancing in clubs; Swim Deep are hosting their very own dance rebellion. She Changes The Weather and Grand Affection mellowed the gig down before the grand finale of To My Brother, reminiscent of The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows of 1968, ending the show in a glittery mosh pit and satisfying the crowd to the very end.

Words by Daisy Lester 


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