Live Review: Foxes / Concorde 2

Filling the entirety of Brighton’s Concorde 2 with all types of people from avid gig goers to middle-aged adults and screaming fan girls, Foxes is giving everything she has as she embarks on her UK tour. Her collaboration with Zedd has already put a Grammy to her name and her debut album Glorious dominated the charts so it’s no surprise there’s a major buzz surrounding the upcoming release of All I Need, a buzz that could be felt within the rapidly increasing mass of glitter covered faces.

Gracing the stage in an equally as sparkly gold jacket, the older hits of Holding On To Heaven and Youth pulsed through the crowd as the perfect warm up for a set filled with both the new and old. However it was Foxes’ most well known tracks that dominated the sonic space of the night with Clarity and White Coats demanding perhaps some of the largest responses.

Foxes delivered enough energy to fill the venue almost two times over, with her neatly choreographed and high impact dance routines making up for the stoic crowd who seemed to be too scared of moving for the fear of it blurring their continuous Snapchat stories. But, with a call of ‘Brighton I love you, I want to see you jump’, it was a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Photography mashed up with Years and Years’ Shine that finally saw hands rise and phones fall.

There’s not really any excuse to have not heard the latest single Better Love and, with Radio One constantly driving it through the airwaves, it’s clear that the crowd must have already played it to excess. New tracks from the album like Feet Don’t Fail Me Now and Body Talk received an almost equal response to those that had been out since Foxes’ debut.

Returning with an encore of Let Go For Tonight, Foxes drew one more of her beloved Brighton gigs to a close in spectacular fashion, it’s a shame we were the only people in crowd dancing.

Words by William Castile


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